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Can You Create Your First Working Memberium Site In Less Than 90 Minutes?

Are you creating a Memberium for ActiveCampaign membership site?

Then here's the quickest, cheapest, and least-frustrating way to get it done (without spending 10 times more to hire a consultant!)

Lisa Russell ​New Shoots Coaching

With David's training, I was able to get a basic membership set up in a very short time... around an hour or so...

I have a confession to make.

I’m what some people call a “control freak.”

(But I much prefer the term “perfectionist.”)

As a solo entrepreneur, I wear all the hats. All the time.

I have trouble believing anyone else can get things done as quickly or as expertly as I can do them myself.

That includes technical things, creative things, and all things in between.

(Someday I may seek professional help. But in the meantime…)

A few months ago, I wanted to launch my first online course. So I researched membership platforms and decided on Memberium for ActiveCampaign (M4AC).

M4AC did everything I needed:

  • It integrated with my ActiveCampaign account
  • Granting access to protected content was as simple as adding a tag
  • It integrated with practically every shopping cart platform on the market

I downloaded the plugin, installed it, activated it, and started configuring M4AC.

Too Good To Be True?

Within 11 minutes, I encountered my first showstopper. I couldn’t get M4AC to display protected content to a test account who should have been able to see the content.

I messed around with it for close to two hours. No dice.

Then I searched Facebook groups for answers. Nada.

I finally (admitting defeat) contacted Memberium support who responded quickly but hadn’t seen my problem before. They offered to log into my site and see what was going on.

So I set up an admin account and forwarded details to Support. A little while later, they logged in, poked around, and eventually fixed the issue—some small configuration tweak I’d forgotten to make.

At this point, I’d burned close to 4 hours without making progress. But at least my problem was solved and I could move on.

I’d like to say that was the first and last brick wall issue I encountered while setting up Memberium. But it wasn’t. Not by a long shot.

As someone who prides himself on having strong technical skills, I was embarrassed to admit the M4AC setup process was causing me such grief.

I’ve since discovered, there are 25 distinct steps required to set up a Memberium membership site.

If you miss a single step, your site won’t work.

If you execute all the steps correctly but perform them in the wrong order, your site won’t work.

But the biggest obstacle by far is that when you run into a problem, it can be hours before you find a solution.

The Problem Resolution Cycle

The M4AC problem resolution cycle goes something like this:

  • Visit the Facebook group
  • Post a question
  • Wait for replies
  • Test suggestions
  • Grant admin access to Support team
  • Wait for Support to resolve your issue
  • Move forward with setup

If you only needed to do this once, that might be okay.

But to do it 5, 6, or 7 times during your Memberium setup—each problem taking somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes to resolve?

That’s not okay. Not even close.

But what choice did I have? I’m the control frea… I mean, “perfectionist” who prides himself on doing it all.

The good news is I eventually succeeded.

It took close to 10 days’ worth of part-time research and trial and error, but I finally got my M4AC membership site up and running.

I launched my course, made sales, and the Memberium plugin worked perfectly  on autopilot. I patted myself on the back for a job well-done.

Fool Me Once...

About two months later, I created a second Memberium site.

And because I had no record (and little memory) of what I’d done the first time, the process repeated:

  • Encounter a problem
  • Search for solutions
  • Ask questions
  • Wait for responses
  • Test the advice
  • Rinse and repeat

It was time consuming and it was frustrating.

Once again, I managed to launch my new site successfully. But I realized if was ever going to do this again, I’d need...

A Better Approach

I set aside an entire weekend and created a new M4AC demo website from scratch.

But, this time I documented each and every step of the setup process.

I took pages of notes. I created screencast videos, tracking spreadsheets, checklists, and templates.

When I was finished, I had a heap of information. But it was good, accurate, organized information.

Fast forward a few months and today—with these notes and checklists—I can literally set up a new M4AC membership website, in less than an hour.

That may sound like an exaggeration. But it’s absolutely true!

My $1,440 "Mistake"

(aka. The Entrepreneur's Blind Spot)

I recently heard an online marketer share the following (somewhat bold) opinion:

“If you’re not making at least $10,000 a month, you don’t have a business… you have a hobby.”

As painful as that might be to hear, it’s a pretty reasonable benchmark.

$10,000 a month would amount to $120,000 per year.

If we keep things simple and assume a 40-hour work week, those numbers work out to an hourly wage of $60 / hour.

When I look back on my first two M4AC “experiments” (both of which I performed without guidance or training of any kind), I’m comfortable saying I spent at least 24 hours setting up each site.

I’ll spare you the math.

Sticking with the $10,000 / month benchmark, I spent an equivalent of $1,440 setting up each of my M4AC sites.

That number makes me a little nauseous.

And it highlights what I believe is the biggest blind spot of the solo entrepreneur…

Not placing a fair and accurate value on our own time.

With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve asked myself, “How much am I willing to spend to save $1,440?”

Having been through the M4AC setup process a couple of times already, I’m comfortable saying I’d happily spend $400 (that’s close to 30% of $1,440) to save $1,000. On a bad day, I may even be willing to pay more.

Even if your answer is substantially different than mine, I think you get my point:

Your time has real, tangible value.

The more of it you waste on frustrating, unproductive tasks, the less of it you have to spend on revenue generation.

And revenue generation is the only thing that makes a business… a business.

How You Benefit From My Mistake...

My lost time and money are water under the bridge. Without a time machine, they’re gone forever.

But your time and money are (hopefully) still in your possession. And I’m going to show you how to avoid wasting them…

Remember the hand-written notes, screencasts, checklists, and templates I used to document my M4AC setup process?

Well, I’ve taken all that information, organized it, refined it, and polished it.

And I’ve turned it a detailed online video training called:

The course distills over 100 hours’ worth of my personal experience, research, trial and error, and documentation into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step video training program.

The course is designed for quick and accurate implementation.

You won’t find filler material, dead air, boring stories, or pitches for other products or services.

You will find clear, brief, and direct instruction.

You will find a solution that saves you time, energy, and money!

M4AC QuickStart pays for itself ten times over the first time you use it.

And chances are, once you’ve created one successful membership site, you’ll eventually want to create another. And then another.

So, you’ll likely use M4AC QuickStart as a reference guide over and over again.

Here’s a sneak peak into what you’ll get inside the course…

Module 1: Getting Organized

Nothing kills execution speed like having to search for the assets and information you need at the exact moment you need them. A little organization goes a long way—and saves you A LOT of time and frustration.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to apply course materials effectively and get your membership site up and running in the shortest time possible (potentially in under an hour!)
  • 6 things you need in place before you start setting up your Memberium site (including the one that causes newbies the most grief!)
  • How to track progress throughout the setup process to ensure you don’t waste time due to a missed or out-of-sequence step.
  • 8 critical pieces of data you need to record and keep handy to avoid wasting time as you configure your site.